Your workspace in the park

Stylish offices with a soul, conference halls, additional services and an inspiring community
What is Workit?
At Workit, people share experiences whereas startups thrive. It is a meeting point of ideas and opportunities, city and nature, inspiration and collaborations.
Meeting point.
At Workit, coincidences are not accidental. A yoga partner may become your new investor, and one of our parties could be the birthplace of the collaboration of the decade.
High ceilings and fresh air
24/7 round-the-clock access
We are proud of our location. Still, just look at what we have:
Meeting and Skype rooms
Event zone
Meeting room and terrace
Yoga and meditation
Tea ceremonies
Bicycle parking and shower
Your headquarters with a picturesque view of the park. Exclusive access for your team.
Fixed workplace in the open space and a personal locker.
Your table – your rules. From 250$.
Open space
Office amenities for a smooth and comfortable workflow. And no matter how many people there are in your dream startup, we have office solutions for teams of all sizes.
Private office
With an electronic access system, high-quality furniture and the necessary infrastructure.
Business consulting
IT support
Legal services
We provide our residents with full support of the work process, regardless of the chosen tariff.
Accounting and finance
Office management
Project management
Product presentations, conferences, children's parties, FIFA tournaments and even tea ceremonies - everything is possible in our event hall.
The menu includes familiar and simple dishes that you want to eat every day. English breakfast and pizza, carbonara, khachapuri and even a waffle cake from childhood - we have collected time-tested classics from everywhere. We leave the experiments to you.
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Park «Nyvky», Kyiv, Marka Bezruchka St, 24

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